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Polaroid Wall

Susan first did this idea and I stole it to do it for my own family and she suggested Trent and I do it too. It turned out so great I love it. When I went to Home Depot to get the wood I ended up with the white piece of MDF and I was planning to spray paint it black. But I got to looking at it closer and fell in love with the white background so I just left it alone. I had them cut into 1.5x3ft pieces and printed my B/W photos off at Costco in the 8×8 size. Then I just taped them on. Simple but very cool to show off each members personality. Finally to hang I bought the Command damage free hanging tabs. I put 4 tabs on each corner of the backside of the MDF. We had to use the broom to press the tops because we couldn’t...

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Rebecca’s Family Wall

  I helped my baby sister put up some pictures in her house that she has been in for a year now.  I had alot of fun figuring out with her where to put things and how to lay them out.  We did this wall that she envisioned with her own family and she had the vinyl lettering all ready cut out.  Sometimes you just got to just do it and not stress about how its going to look.  I kind of work that...

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