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St George POM Retreat

I don’t even know where to start! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time now and it came and went by way too fast. I found the Power of Moms from a book I read and have loved the site ever since and then they introduced learning circles and a bunch of girls from my church started a little group and we meet once a month. Then the website announced a Retreat! I knew I wanted to get involved with such a great support group so I jumped right in! I am so grateful that I did go. It was my Mother’s Day gift. Susan and her sister, Laura, came along too. I met some amazing, real, down to earth moms. I am so grateful to call them my friends now. The highlight for me of course was to met, talk and eat with the Eyre’s (Linda, Saren and Shawni) to be quite honest here. I’ve enjoyed their readings and knew that I wanted to model their style of parenting. I learned a great deal about just taking care of myself first and then I will have more to give to my children. The biggest struggle that I face as a mother is going to bed early and waking early. Once I got home I came to the conclusion that I am just a crabby mom and I am quick to snap at the children if I wake up late because I slept in. I would get a good 2-3 hours work done in the morning before my children need me. Then I will have more to give to them and spend the day just playing! Another great thing was April Perry’s Mind Organization. Boy, I thought I was organized this girl put me to shame! She is amazing. She has the know how and to get our mom minds organized. I would love to share with you what she taught me but she sells it on the Power of Moms website click here to find out more. I excited too because I was trained to be a Power of Mom’s trainer in which I will tag team with my SIL Susan to host workshops and retreats for moms here in our area. I am anxious to get it started and we have alot of great ideas flowing already to take on this new challenge. More information will be forth coming when it comes available. Overall I was just empowered to combat alot of my weaknesses about what I struggle with as a mom but also was uplifted because I am a mom and I am doing the best that I can. So excited to see how much the Power of Moms will change the culture of...

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