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The Hymnbook

In our church meetings the hymnbook: Invites the spirit Creates a feeling of reverence Unifies the congregation Provides a way to offer praise Moves us to repentance and good works Builds testimonies and faith Comforts the weary and consoles the mourning Inspires us to endure to the end Within our families the hymnbook: Helps us when we speak to our children Fills our homes with the sound of worthy music Brings a spirit of beauty and peace It can inspire love and unity among family members Teach children to love hymns during FHE, scripture study, work, play, travel In our personal lives the hymnbook: Lifts our spirit Gives us courage and moves us to action Fills our souls with heavenly thoughts Helps withstand temptations Sing a hymn if you feel tempted Memorize them and study the scriptures that reverence...

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Owl City in Austin

Trent found these tickets for us to go to while we are here in Austin.  He knew I liked the band and was so thoughtful to make it happen for us to go.  They were so much fun to watch as all bands are in person.  However I was hoping to see how they do all their electric techno sounds but they just used a audio file for it.  Bummer! Nothing fancy to see just strobe lights but their music just sings to my soul and the crowd was pretty calm and not all crazy.  Not alot of dancing either. They are headed to my town Saturday maybe I’ll sneak in...

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Newest family member

You’ve heard it said before that pianos become like another member of the family but I think its because of the space they take up.  Which our newest one isn’t that big but it does make a statement now in my living room. I’ve been researching digital pianos for a few months now.  Going back and forth between them and acoustic.  I know one day I will get the acoustic but for now in my girls season of piano life a digital will be fine.  Plus it has headphones! I scored this piano for $700 and the guy I bought it from bought it in Jan at Costco for $1300 which is true because I walked into Costco and they were selling that actual piano 3 days ago for that price.  He had to let it go because he needed the cash and he lives in a small place and it was taking up room. I found a great place for it in the living room which is the only place it would work anyway and the girls have gravitated to it which I hoped they would.  The keyboard wasn’t keeping their desire to practice everyday and I am so happy to see them jump at the chance to play to their hearts content as long as those headphones are on! Easton has now found himself playing it too we shall see what happens with that...

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