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Gold pillows

Yes Please. Goods by Grinn

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Never knew they had an outlet here in SLC so I went on a field trip and found this gem. $25! So happy.

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Book Trunk

I’ve had this trunk for quite some time now and only used it as a design piece but found another use for it recently. You see Trent has a lot of books and they don’t all fit on my one big bookshelf in the office/library so he stores them by his end table next to the bed. It looks hideous and I’ve been going back and forth about what to do about this problem because it’s not a pretty site. I looked over at the trunk on day that was placed in our bedroom but in the sitting area next to the wall and it hit me that I should place the books inside it and then move the trunk to the foot of my bed. I love when things come together even if it takes awhile to think of a...

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Square Ottoman

I’ve had this 24in squared brown leather ottoman for quite some time. It’s been beat up and had a few scratches so I decided to recover it with the help of my SIL Hope who’s great at sewing. I bought a foam piece to cover the top. We took an old sheet to make a template. I bought the fabric at a vintage shop in our area and it worked perfectly. I decided to not tuff it at all and kept it sleek and simple and I love how it turned out. I eventually want this...

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Platform bed

My handyman at it once again. This time it’s to make a platform bed now that my pallets are in...

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