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M.O.M. in Pictures

Here is the way that I do my system at my home: This is my command central My inbox is on the right side corner of my desk I use the Mead Flex notebook for my “On the Brain once a Week” lists and projects I use an expandable file to do my Tickler for each month of the year My Routines & Responsibilities UPDATE:  Since this post I made some changes to my system.  Go here to view the new setup.  ...

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M.O.M. Update

After the second retreat I got even more excited about Mind Organization because April Perry made a few tweeks here and there and it seems more clearer now. I’ve been using this system since July and I have feel in love with it. I just look around at all the mothers I see out in the world and want to share with them this concept! I know it will do wonders to their mind and to clear up their lists and dreams that they have in their mind. I’ve been asked by April Perry to be a Mind Organization Coach for the mothers on their website. As you can guess April has been doing all the Q&A and now she needs to delegate that responsibility and asked that I help her with that. I couldn’t be any more thrilled to tackle this project. I love to help others and to help them find a system that works best for them. Plus I just love to see their faces once they feel at peace with their surroundings! What could get better than that at the end of a long process! The end result for me is actually going into their homes and consulting with them one on one to help them go through the steps of the process! I am so excited for this part because not only am I helping them “jump start” their organization I am helping clear up their mind as well so they have more time and energy to put towards mothering their children. That is what we all want! Susan (SIL) and I will be hosting workshops for groups of no more than 15 people to introduce the program too and then from there with an additional fee do one on one consultations with them if they want that option. I feel so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful organization and to help me blossom in areas where I feel weak and also in the areas that I have strengths. Please let us help...

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