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The Binder

I found my binder today! I am so glad that I kept it and who knows maybe I will toss it all away but then again you might see some things later on that I find in it that I will keep around. You see I have had this very traditional Pottery Barn type design style the last 4-5 years. As I started the process with the two homes that we have built I started off with my big thick binder full of ripped out pictures from magazines. I would then organize them into spaces in a home. This binder was my vision board for my home. I would take this everywhere with me to find pieces or articles that needed to be added to the home. I learned the second time around to sketch out on graph paper how I wanted the rooms to look as well as what was in all my cupboard spaces. I really enjoyed mapping out the functionality of my new home. Of course I had a few months to sketch it and tweak it to my liking and once I moved in I knew where everything was going. With the current home that we are in now we found it a week before we were to move back to California from spending the summer in Utah. So I only had a few pictures to work off of and within two days I was able to map out where things were going. Its funny how similar this home is with the one that we had left. The kitchen was almost identical so I just put things back the way I had it on Borden. It made for a much easier transition. I can’t wait to see what life brings us in regards to what home we will live in next. I just have such a passion for organized...

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My Past Work

I started getting into home design when I had to when we built our first home. I didn’t know I was so interested in it and I think over time I have come to LOVE it and enjoy making a space for my family to enjoy and feel safe. We all go through our different phases of our lives and I am a believer of CHANGE and especially when it comes to a home. I love to change furniture around just to spice up an area because I tend to get bored with the way it looks. As I have learned more about design I have found that I want to eventually transition into something else. Hence the purpose of this blog. I have to to know that I need to branch out and try something new and “spice” up my space. My past homes: 2423 Primrose Ave 672 Borden...

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