“Of all the creations of the almighty there is none more beautiful, none more inspiring than a lovely daughter of God. Who walks in virtue with an understanding of why she should do so. Who nurtures her spirit with everlasting truth.” — Gordon B. Hinckley

Power Communication Lines

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April 1972. Pres Spencer W Kimball’s message resonated with me this morning. Trent and I have not been connected as well as we should have. The last 4 weeks while I was training hard for my cert and other things I’ve neglected him and his needs. He has been a single dad and has taken over for me a lot.

Pres Kimball talked about a field he saw in Argentina where he saw poles burned, grass burned, dragging posts, all because of a match that was dropped and the field took to a blaze.

We are like the power lines if we are leaning, sagging or not functioning to our full capacity we can lose the ground and crumble.

Lack of communication. Wires and poles are down. Lots of static. Lost tempers and were angry. Misunderstandings.

I’ve had sagging lines of communication and burned wires.

Started out in a blaze of glory when we just got married. Then life happens miscommunication happens and so then the wires need to be restrung.

Finished BofM for Virtue project

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I did an intense 30 day challenge to read the Book of Mormon for my virtue project for my personal progress.

It was an incredible month of December! I listened to alot it through mormon channel but I finished.

I was excited to share with my children my goal and hope to continue in my effort to be an example to them by reading each night.

The month of January I’m going to focus more on study and understanding.


Study console

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I’ve decided that scripture study works while my kids eat their breakfast so I made room for the study console that holds our study materials to be put by the kitchen table. Plus I’ve been trying this new idea of having morning devotionals with the chart below we shall see how it goes.

I’ve got scriptures, church magazines, For the Strength of Youth pamphlets, gospel art kit that has pictures of the scripture stories, family history books, preach my gospel, and church music books.





The Hymnbook

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In our church meetings the hymnbook:

Invites the spirit
Creates a feeling of reverence
Unifies the congregation
Provides a way to offer praise
Moves us to repentance and good works
Builds testimonies and faith
Comforts the weary and consoles the mourning
Inspires us to endure to the end

Within our families the hymnbook:

Helps us when we speak to our children
Fills our homes with the sound of worthy music
Brings a spirit of beauty and peace
It can inspire love and unity among family members
Teach children to love hymns during FHE, scripture study, work, play, travel

In our personal lives the hymnbook:

Lifts our spirit
Gives us courage and moves us to action
Fills our souls with heavenly thoughts
Helps withstand temptations
Sing a hymn if you feel tempted
Memorize them and study the scriptures that reverence them

Stand in Awe and Be Still

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I got food poisoning this morning and it’s been brutal. So as I have layed around all day I’ve been listened to The Mormon Channel

At first it was music then I changed it to Susan Jones who was speaking at a 2009 BYU Woman’s conference. It wasn’t just by chance I knew I needed to hear this talk today.

In the previous post I read from President Benson and how we are to read to our children the scriptures individually. Well she mentioned this in her talk and the importance it can have on your children and she shared her sons personal story about it.

She was having a hard time with one of her children and she came across a scripture in D&C 5:24 in speaking of Martin Harris but applies today here to our children that if they don’t humble themselves before him and pray with full sincerity of heart then he won’t grant unto him his wants.

I don’t know why this simple story hit me as hard as it did but I’m not far from having teenagers and the hard things that they are going to experience in life. And if they don’t have a backbone to the scriptures and to prayer they will have a much harder time here.

I made a vow 2 nights ago to Trent that I would read to the children each night from the scriptures individually and so far I’ve done it once. Last night I didn’t do it but it needs to be done.

Besides what mother wouldn’t want that alone time with their children? I look forward to this challenge.


The Elders

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My two brothers-in-law are currently both serving missions right now. Tyler in Germany and Travis in Finland. I am so blessed to have these two amazing individuals in my life and the example they are setting for my children.


This picture was taken over a year ago! Time sure does pass by.

This is the letter I wrote to them just two days ago:


I’ve been missing you two like crazy lately! I miss your smiles, your conversations, your presence and most of all your spirit.

You two don’t realize just how much you mean to me personally. I just admire you for who you’ve become and have been blown away the last few years the love you have for eachother.

I was going through my pictures two days ago and found the gem that is attached. Remember those Sunday walks? Oh how I miss those days.

Tyler we have a prayer journal as a family and we have written down all the names of your investigators and as a family have been praying for them.

Travis be sure to include names as well for us to pray for too.

I really enjoyed Elder Nielsen’s conference talk about “Hastening the Lords game plan”. In it he talked about 3 things we can do.

Obviously number one is pray for missionary opportunities eachday.

But two was to pray for your missionaries in your ward and those with whom they are teaching. It’s kind of a different thing here in Utah. We see our missionaries that serve in our stake maybe once every 2-3 months. So I’ve decided to use your investigators instead because I have easy access to you guys instead of our missionaries.

And finally his last suggestion was to invite them to an activity and just be a friend. This last one reminded me of Elder Allen Haynie when he was our stake president and encouraged us to just be who we are and be friends and invite them into our homes.

Being in Utah has its perks but missionary work here is a lot of work. I miss CA and the many opportunities I had to share with others my beliefs but I know Utah has some that still need to be taught.

I jut wanted to share with you two my feelings about my Savior. The last 3 months have been really stressful in our marriage and with Trent’s work and just life and without my Savior I don’t know how I could have dealt with the issues I’ve had to deal with.

Travis I hope you remember the day you gave me a priesthood blessing I think I was your first one if I’m not mistaken but that day I was very scared for Trent and I doubted and lost faith in him because he was so depressed but once you pronounced that blessing in my behalf my faith was restored immediately and my confidence in him came back and I knew that if I did what I needed to do to support and sustain him all would be well. I’m happy to report that it has been well and we’ve had our ups and downs but overall life is good and we are blessed.

I love you boys and I love that my children adore you and miss you and pray each and every day for you. You are cherished in our household.

I know God lives and that I am his daughter. I know I am worth it. I know that through my Savior I can be healed and given a second chance when I’ve made mistakes. I know that I have gifts and talents to share and feel blessed to recognize when I need to use them the most. I know that The Lord is hastening his work and I’m excited to be apart of it in any way i can. I know this church is true and im ever grateful to my ancestors for sticking with it and enduring to the end so that I can reap the benefits of it.

I love you both and wish you the best in the Lords work. God speed Elders!

Sarah Ann

Relationships by Matt Townsend

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Prayer fight

Strong, peaceful, confident and imperfect in gods presence

When we come down here we don’t feel those attributes here we beat ourselves up.

Don’t get caught up in the genders. Your not your job, your kids grade point average, your not their inadequcies

Your ever frustrated about your children. Look at the father.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

You are not your disorder. The body and mind and sprit are in a battle. Ony one will bring you the peace it brings to you father in heaven

We are in the covenant to save me and to give me some mechanism to always remember him.

When you have a battle to do your VT and HT where are you in your body that gives you anxiety? Mind, body, spirit.

Mosiah 3:19. Natural man is an enemy to god. It happened since the fall of adam.

Adam and Eve noticing their nakedness. Pornogrpahy Adam and body image Eve. Spirit wouldn’t focus on body. The mind noticed it. That’s when all 3 came together and that’s when the birth happened.

We sit here on Earth and we aren’t perfect. We are a covenant people. We are one of 15 million people.

Why am I here? When was the moment you felt the most alone?
Imagine in that moment in your bedroom and you cry. In the middle you feel this peace and the savior is by your side. What does he do? Sits and holds you and pulls you in. That is the spirit of god. How fast did we get there? We remembered him! Fear that he is going to leave?

Now is the time to prepare to meet god. Quit wasting your thoughts for tomorrow. Be here right now!! Song of redeeming love scripture.??

What am I worried about If I’m a daughter of god? It helps me deal with life when I’m in the spirit. Work on that first and then address the problems.

Own it! Woman thy faith hath made thee whole.

Relax! Where do you go when your in a predicament? The Lord. You go to The Lord to change you not them!

It was for nephi to kill Laban.

**What has The Lord commanded you specifically today to do in your life, family, marriage?

Ex. Pray with your family, scripture study, FHE, family dinner, spend one on one time,

Jesus looked to his god while he was in the garden. Likewise we need to look up so we can endure.

We are just to stay in it

We do it over and over again. Why do we have to keep enduring. We are here to be sons and daughters of god. We are to become gods.

**Frame our goal in life to find the spirit in our life each day.

**A sin is not just an act its an absence of spirit.

Think of a family member that’s your biggest test? Imagine it’s done it’s over and they called everyone to church all those you love and in some room you get to walk in and your Savior’s there. He calls your family up and he calls the one up to the savior and The Lord anoints them. Their face has peace. Then the person you’ve struggled with is called up. What does The Lord do to that one? What do you feel witnessing it? That is how you should approach that person.

Jesus Christ lives in the covenant.

Pres Hinckley marriage advice in the temple “There you go, now you have the covenant go use it and come again”

You need to carry the cross for each other. If she brings something to the marriage carry it with her. If he brings something carry it for him.

You are not trash you are his!

Bring that spirit to the marriage each day.
Always remember. Take a deep breathe
What’s the most important thing I can do right now?
Wait for the prompting

Write what I will feel as I see the savior touch my child?

To the Mothers in Zion

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My brother-in-law, Sean, shared this talk with us recently and I was moved by the talk so much so that I created a wallpaper for my phone about the 10 things Pres Benson suggested us mothers do eachday to maintain the spirit in our homes and more importantly in our children.

So here’s to becoming and enduring in motherhood!


Elizabeth Jorgenson

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I have a girl who I get the privilege to lead and guide at church. It’s Elizabeth. She’s one of a kind and I adore her and the way she leads her life.

She is a shining example of what a daughter of God is and she just turned 13! We celebrated with the other girls in our class and walked into her bedroom Saturday morning at 7am to find her reading her scriptures and not sleeping like typical teenagers!

She is a young woman who rises at 5:30am and gets ready for the day and begins her study. She will receive a great award next week of her Young Womanhood Recognition . This award isn’t easy to do in just a year but she did it. I am so in awe of her and the things she does to serve her Heavenly Father.

For example just 2 weeks ago she came to my house and dropped off letters for me all written by all 7 of the girls I work with and she headed up the idea!








I realized afterward that they are all the colors of the Young Woman values. I cried like a baby as I read them because they don’t realize just how much they’ve changed me in just 9 short months working with them. I learn way more from them than they do from me.

So we began our breakfast for Elizabeth’s birthday and we asked her what she was getting for a gift and she surprised us all with her answer! She said that she took the money her parents would have spent on her and gave each of her siblings a small gift because she wanted too.

What 13 year old does that? Elizabeth does that’s for sure. I wasn’t as shocked but yet so Christlike and this month in Young Women’s we have been learning about Christlike Love and she sure does emulate that in her life.



Marriage advice

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