“Women who make a house a HOME make a far greater contribution to society than those who command large armies or stand at the head of impressive corporations.” — Gordon B. Hinckley

The 4 Steps to Meal Prep by Trish Allen

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1.  PLAN

Make a menu of the foods you will be eating for the entire week.

Make a grocery list of all the items/food you will need for the week that corresponds to your menu.


You must have groceries to meal prep happen.


Cooking and cutting all of your bulk foods at the same time.


Putting your meals together.



Be a smart planner.  If you are making a certain food item for your lunch, include that same food in one or two dinners.  For example:  If you are having a rice bowl for lunch, make extra rice for Honey Sesame Chicken one night for dinner.

Keep a running list of foods/kitchen essentials you run our of/run low on.  Pick a method that is simplest for you to use.  I use paper.

Grocery List Staples for the week:

oats, chicken, PB, vegetables, fruit, rice, almonds, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, beans, chocolate chips, cooking spray, tinfoil, baggies,


Go to the store once a week and go prepared with a list.  This will save you time and money.

Shop at the same stores to reduce wasted time looking for certain items.


Have a clean kitchen before you start this step in the process.

Set aside a chuck of interrupted time each week to do a meal prep.

Bulk cooking/chopping decreases your meal prep time.

Essential meal prep items:

cutting boards, knives, measuring cups & spoons, panini press, food scale, food containers, small cups w lids, baggies of all sizes, rice cooker, blender, pots/pans, baking dishes, crockpot, tinfoil, jars

Bulk cooking This is when you have multiple foods cooking at the same time.  Utilize every appliance you possibly can: oven, microwave, rice cooker, crockpot, pressure cooker, grill

Foods to bulk cook: chicken, beef, fish, sweet potatoes, veggies, rice, eggs, pancakes

If you know you are going to need the oven to bulk cook several foods, cook one of them at night before ex. sweet potatoes.

Cook once, eat twice:  Make enough of a certain food to use in multiple meals. Ex. use rice for your lunches, but make enough to use one night for dinner during the week or make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch.

Chop any veggies and/or fruit that will be consumed over the next couple of days.

Use a variety of seasonings/spices/sauces to change the flavor of your meal:

seasons salt, mrs. dash, garlic powder & salt, smoked paprika, ranch powder, Italian seasoning, taco seasoning, sweet mesquite, beef/fish/chicken seasoning, salsa, mustard, hot wing sauce, cholula, sweet chili sauce, bragg’s liquid aminos, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, cinnamon, stevia, honey, sesame oil, BBQ sauce, garlic, onion


Decide to what degree you are going to prep your meals.

All meals for the week (freeze some of them)

Bulk cook, no assembly: all foods are cooked and in the fridge ready to be assembled at any advice.

Assemble snacks and lunch

Assemble all meals except dinner

Assemble just dinners:  crockpot meal, casserole, marinade, stovetop

Assembly Tips:

Rice bowls: Pile all ingredients in.  Theses are great to freeze.

Shakes: Put all dry ingredients in plastic baggies.  Have a shaker bottle ready for a grab and go option.

Salads: Put anything that will get soggy in a separate baggie or container.  Mason jars are a great idea to layer the salad in with the dressing on the bottom or in a small container on top.

Wraps/Sandwiches: Keep ingredients separate from the tortilla or bread. Put spreads/sauces in small containers or buy single serving sizes.

Egg meals: Boil the eggs OR prep the night before.

Pancakes: Blend the batter in bulk

Storage tips:


Luncheon Meat (opened) – 3-5 days in fridge, 1-2 months freezer

Luncheon Meat (unopened) – 2 weeks fridge, 1-2 months freezer

Ground meats (turkey, chicken, beef) – 1-2 days fridge, 3-4 months freezer

Fresh chicken or turkey pieces: 1-2 days fridge, 9 months freezer

Cooked meat and poultry: 3-4 days fridge, 2-3 months freezer

Hard boiled eggs: 1 week fridge

Fresh eggs: 3-5 weeks in fridge

Sweet potatoes (cooked): 3-4 days fridge

Brown rice/quinoa/wide rice: 3-4 days fridge

Cooked veggies: 3-4 days fridge

Mini Prep each night:  Take a few min each night to get your food ready for the next day.  This should NOT be time consuming, but should be a time to do any “fresh” cooking (like eggs or overnight oats) and to pack your bag to be prepared for the next day.

Organic Produce Food Storage Tips

Kettlebell Infographic

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Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.18.49 AM

Pre-screening for Exercise

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  • Have you ever had any history of heart problems such as a heart murmur, irregular heat beat, or any heart surgery?
  • Have you ever had chest pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath, nausea, or chest pressure with any type of exercise?
  • Do you have high blood pressure or are you currently taking medicine for blood pressure?
  • Do you have asthma, a persistent cough, or evidence of lung disease?
  • Have you had any family members with any type of heart disease, especially a heart attack, which occurred under the age of 40 years?
  • Are you taking any medicine for asthma or heart disease at this time? Medicine to lower cholesterol would be a possible response?
  • Have you been told (or are you concerned about exercising) that you should not exercise without medical evaluation by a physician?
  • Do you have any muscle or joint probelms, which would interfere with movements or cause pain in any exercise program?
  • Have you ever fainted or become dizzy with exercise that resulted in a fall or loss of balance?
  • Are you able to walk up a flight of stairs easily?
  • Are you pregnant at this time?

A positive response to any of the above questions suggests that the client should seek medical evaluation/clearance.

Kettlebell Safety 101

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1.  Get medical clearance.

2.  Always be aware of your surroundings.

3.  Train barefoot or wear shoes with a flat, thin sole and room for the toes to spread.

4.  Never contest the space with a kettlebell.

5.  Practice all safety measures at all times.

6.  Focus on quality, not quantity.

7.  Keep moving once your heart rate is high.  Fast and Loose.

8.  Don’t put your spine into flexion during and after training.

9.  Build up the training load gradually using common sense and listen to your body.

10. Instruction cannot cover all contingencies and there is no substitute for good judgement.


Why Kettlebells are good for your back

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1.  Kettlebell exercises strengthen the glutes.

2.  Kettlebell exercises stretch the hip flexors.

3.  Kettlebells develop back endurance.

4.  “Bracing” is superior to “hollowing” for spinal stability.

5.  Sensible ballistic loading appears to reduce the odds of arthritis.

February Mind Organization for Moms Session

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Hello Moms!

Are you overwhelmed about all the things you need to do as a mom then on top of that, all you have to do for the new year?  Well I am excited to announce again that I will do two sessions where I will teach you how to use Mind Organization for Moms.  

What is Mind Organization for Moms? Click here to read more in depth about it. About 2 years ago, I teamed up with April Perry, co-founder of Power of Moms, and began to teach this information to other moms as well as plan and facilitate 2 day “Power of Mom Retreats”.
This is what April Perry, creator of this wonderful program, has to say about it:

Let me guess…you’re pretty stressed out sometimes.  You have hundreds of things on your mind and dozens of balls in the air and even though you feel like you’re busy every minute, you can’t seem to make a dent in your “to do” list.  Am I close?Mothers are the busiest group of multi-taskers out there, and if anyone needs their minds organized, it’s us!  We want to relax and enjoy our families, but is it possible to have a great time with our loved ones AND respond to all the pressing demands? Absolutely.

Although I can’t make “the madness” stop, I CAN teach you how to get your brain in order so that you will feel completely almost on top of your life once and for all.  Sound like a plan?

Based on the best-selling book Getting Things Done®,  by David Allen, I (April) have put together a simple, powerful program designed specifically for busy mothers.  I’ve included mom-friendly instructions, photos, and checklists to support you every step of the way.

Here is a picture of my system that I used.  I’ve changed my system since then and have tweaked it over the last 2 years that I have been using the Mind Organization for Moms system.

What I would like to do is give you access to this wonderful system as well as explain to you, in two sessions (one as a group and the other in your home), what I’ve found works for me to simplify how I manage all my “Mom” duties and avoid all the stress and overwhelm that we often experience as moms.
The regular price for just the Mind Organization for Moms package is $75, NOT including any personal training on how to quickly use the system to unclutter your mind and simplify your life.
The price to attend the workshop is normally $50 in addition to the Mind Organization for Moms system. However, I worked out a deal with April so you can get the system and the workshop session for $75 total.  That’s $50 off the regular price for the system and the two session workshop.
Here’s how you can attend:
1- Go here and create a login for the PowerOfMoms website.
2- Get the Mind Organization for Moms system for $38 (you must be logged in to see this special price)
3- Email me to let me know that you’ll be joining us for this mind blowing workshop.
Session 1:
In the first session, we will introduce the program to you, so you can walk away with a very real plan of how to unclutter your mind and release the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed (there is one little trick that makes this happen much easier than you think!).  You will leave with the tools to collect and process all those things floating around in your mind causing stress and overwhelm.
Session 2:
During the second session, I will personally follow-up with you at your house on your progress, answer any questions, walk you through your own stuff or inbox, and help you create your system in a spot in your home.

Before you come

For you to be most effective on your path to organization we are asking that you carve out some quiet time (no more then an hour) to write down everything on your brain.  Here are some ideas of what might be on your list:1. Tasks that need to be done right away (paying car registration before it expires on next week)
2. Things that need to eventually get done (like cleaning out a child’s closet)
3. Anything you want to do but really doesn’t need to be done (like crafting or reading a certain book for fun)
4. Traits you want to develop (learn a new language or become more patient)

Basically this list should cover anything and everything that you need/want to do, be, or become.  We recommend starting this list right away and keeping it on hand.  That way as more items come to your mind you can quickly get them out of your head. We will show you what to do with that list, at our first meeting.

Time and Place

Date & Time:  I’m offering a afternoon and evening class so you choose which is best.  We will personally setup the second session in your home at the time of the workshop.  

Choose one:
February 11 at 12:30-2:30p.m.
February 11 at 7-9 p.m.
(Kids are welcome they can play in my basement)

Place:  At my house
2960 Desert Forest Lane, Lehi, UTPersonal Consultation

If you’d like further individual help in just organizing your home I charge $40 for a 2 hour consultation to just give you ideas and feedback as to how you can utilize your space.  If after that you’d like me to physically come into your home and help you I charge $25 an hour.  I will only be available on weekdays from 12:30-2:30p.m.  If you need help during the evening let me know and we can work something out.

Please reply back to me if you’d like me to save you a spot!  Please feel free to share this information with family and friends.


Winter Mudroom prep

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Winter is approaching and so I made room in the cluttered mudroom for the winter gear.

I used the 4 bins down below for gloves, hats, scarves etc. I also have the girls dance shoes in their as well because dance is during the year and it’s not seasonal.

So last month I had in their bins their soccer shin guards, socks and cleats but now it’s over I put them back into their rooms.

I also created a basket within the bin for their sock storage instead of in their rooms. It’s easier to have shoes and socks next to eachother. In Stratton’s bin I have his diapers and wipes for the upstairs stored there. It works cause his bin wasn’t full ever.

Above the hanging area I put their snow pants and boots on the shelf. It looks pretty now but I’m sure come winter, which this winter is my official one here in Utah, it won’t look as nice because they will take it on and off again like 10 times a day.





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I don’t know about you but I struggle with menswear as does Trent so we have to look to outside sources for help.

I contacted the most fashionable up to date guy I know and asked for advice or direction and he sent me these pictures. I couldn’t have been more happy about it.

Now I need to take Trent shopping but Austin you will need to come with us!



Monica’s Closet Transformation

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My dear friend Monica in CA asked me to come help her when I was in town figure out her closet mess. She wanted to utilize the heightened ceilings in her closet because she has a lot of clothing.

She already had bought previously from, The Container Store, the Elfa shelving for closet organization. So we had some organizational pieces to already work with.

I was very impressed with her all she needed was for me to hold her hand and push through this project and get it done.

She mapped out her closet and figured out the arranging of doing double rods on each side of a middle shelf system for her sweaters.

It turned out great and now she can walk into her closet and not have anything in her way.










Power Hour

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I’ve been doing this power hour the last few weeks and it’s been incredible to visualize where I want my life to go.

Go try it out for yourself read about it here

Well worth it!