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Uganda Day Seven

Started off the morning with a mirror exercise that I do each morning called, “Love Yourself From The Inside Out“(click to download) so I shared it with the women!  So powerful! I gave each of them a handheld mirror and you think they had won the lottery!  They shouted with such excitement and energy it was incredible! I began to share with them that this will help them realize and think about themselves and what they are good at. We give and give to others but we fail to take care of ourself first so that we have the energy to give to others. Some women said after it was over that they never knew that they were to love themselves first!!!!  Wait what??  It was a new concept and they were so appreciative of this very simple exercise It was great to hear what they are good at.  Some said being compassionate, eating, loving others and then they spoke gratitude. Gratitude for their health, a job, their families. Then toped it off with a goal that they want to accomplish that day.  Some said make 70 bumbo beads, be a hard worker, smile at someone new, etc. This experience once again solidified why I chose to do this for myself each morning too.  To take the time each day to express love to myself.  To practice sharing with myself what I am good at and what I am grateful for.  It has built my confidence in myself and I know it can be with anyone who tries it. The remainder of the day was prepping the library with indexing the books, putting down flooring, and polishing up the artwork on the wall.  We are getting...

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