Uganda Day Five

Our class today was on creating a meal plan.  So I asked each of them to draw out 3 sections for growth, protection and energy.  Then I asked them to put down on item in growth and energy and then 2 in protection.
Most of these women have never done such a thing before.  I was able to provide them with another way to approach food.  Because they would typically add 2 items of energy foods on their plates because its cheaper.  But because of our lesson the previous day about the different fruits and vegetables and the benefits to each one if they eat it they have begun to see that paying a little bit more money for those foods would benefit them in the long term and not just short term.
We got to go back to the Canon School and teach the children these same topics but of course catered to their needs.
Leslie went on to teach the teachers of that school how to be better effective teachers.  She began with a simple yet powerful model of beginning by sharing about themselves to open up communication and not have full control of the classroom.  Allow them an opportunity to make contributions too to help in their learning environment. We all learn through stories and sharing.
You can’t teach with words alone. You need to experience it. How does it increase my understanding of what it is?  She then passed out root beer barrels which is a candy.  She asked them, “What doest that taste like?  Describe it?  Are you helping your students understand how to taste root beer?”
When you share a message its:
7% words
30% voice
55% body language
I learned alot from that class not just those teachers.  I am in awe of the women I am here experiencing this trip with.  They all have so much to contribute and I feel so honored to work along side them.
Our power went out tonight twice. It was quite the experience as well as the water stopped working. We’ve had quite the African experience.