Uganda Day Four

First thing this morning was we got to experience shopping at the market.  We shopped for fruits and vegetables to share for our first nutrition class.  It was quite the site to see fresh fish being filleted on the concrete getting their guts pulled out.

The previous night Leslie received a question from one of the artisans which lead to a way to make nutrition real to them.  She asked, “how do you take care of your skin?” And Leslie replied, “I eat my fruits and vegetables”. Then she had a big aha moment to improve our class.  We decided to share the benefits of the vegetables that they use.

As I sat back and observed Leslie give the first class I realized just how simple these women live and the knowledge they don’t have in regards to nutrition.  We shared the food groups pie chart and for them which I think is brilliant they understand that fruits and vegetables are for protection, proteins are for growth, and carbs are for energy.

As she shared I could just see their eyes and faces and they were just in awe of the simpleness of our message.  It was super basic but yet powerful because later that night one of the artisans came by to lock up the shop and she was carrying her market bag and I asked her what she bought and she said, “Sarah, I bought my greens to improve my immune system”. It worked!  Now the test will be to stick to it.  The final class I will teach them is about habits that will help them use more vegetables.

I then taught the second class and shared what I teach and how I help women move better. I talked about using the TRX straps to build muscles to make you healthier and so you don’t have any pain.

We ended the day prepping the library space for paint.