Uganda Day Two

As I woke up from the first night in Uganda in my mosquito net I just looked outside and couldn’t believe that I was actually there.  I just sat and prayed and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to get myself to this place.

The day started with meeting some of the artisans at the workshop.  As I approached them for the first time I surely got a warm welcome and I felt so loved by these women.  Leslie and I were the only ones there until the other 3 would arrive the next day.  So I began to put myself to work.  I worked along side with Ruth making barkcloth bags and she taught me what to do and I quickly learned. Had a few mess ups but overall I was congratulated on my hard work each time.

As we sat and worked the women asked me about my family.  I shared with them my pictures and talked about each of them.  Then they asked me how I celebrate Easter because it was the next day.  I told them about our church service and how we celebrate Jesus resurrection.

I then shared how some Americans do an Easter egg hunt and fill plastic eggs with candy.  They thought that was fun because candy is such a novelty here.  The instant thing I remember seeing in these beautiful people is their smile and their teeth.   They have such white teeth and I finally put two and two together and realized that they don’t eat junk like candy and lots of sugar!  Boy do we have a problem in America.

Later that afternoon we walked to the church building for a branch activity with the saints in that area of the world.  We watched the movie, “Meet the Mormon’s”  As I sat and looked around while I watched I couldn’t help but feel such a closeness to these people.  I had only been in Uganda for a couple of hours and I felt their love for me.

I got to hold a baby girl and I just didn’t want to let her go!  She was just perfection to me and I just made sure she was enveloped in my love for her.  This was the first big thought of adopting from Africa.  I never considered it but now that I see their situations I felt an overwhelming love that I could give to a child not from my own blood line.  Who knows what will happen later on but adoption would be great!