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Uganda Day One

My adventure begins at 4:30am. My bags are packed to the max as I’ve used my scale at home to measure it. I’ve got the TRX bands, jump rope, resistance bands and timer packed to engage these women in exercise to move their body in movements they have never done before. I have paper plates so that they can learn about proper nutrition and use all the food groups which protein is growth, carbs are energy and fruits and vegetables are protection.  I love the terms used because with each type of item you put into your mouth you are either eating it for growth, energy or protection. I packed crayons to have the women draw out the different foods that would be allowed in each group and divide it up on the plate visually. I have paper so they can either draw or write out meal plans and then I’ll share how they can take one meal and repeat it each week say on Monday morning for breakfast to ensure that they know that one meal a week is balanced and healthy. I also brought for each of them a kitchen item to have.  A vegetable peeler, tongs, or paring knives. Lastly I packed books for the community library that we are designing and setting up within the artisans workshop for their use as well as the community.  So just a variety of chapter books, picture books and simple reads. My 2 pieces of luggage are set to embark on an experience of a lifetime.  One that will be remembered because this is my first trip away from the North American continent but also my first service and volunteer mission. My friend, Leslie Kawai, told me about this opportunity of serving the women and children in Lugazi, Uganda with a company called Musana.  I instantly I knew this trip was finally my time to go.  I’ve always wanted to do a humanitarian something for quite sometime.  The stars aligned and I was able to commit to coming and oh how I am ever so grateful I followed my prompting to come. We arrived at the SLC airport to begin our long 36 hour journey but had a few stops on the way. The first was LA and we had a 6 hour layover there. I suggested we leave the airport and find a cute brunch place by the beach. I yelped it and found Cafe Milan in Playa del Rey. On our drive over with our taxi our driver was from Bangladesh and is Musilm and began our conversation with what brought him to the US.  He was picked from a lottery to come over and start a new life here.  Out of the billions of people they only allow 5,000 applicants and he was picked. So very small odds and he is so grateful. He shared about his religion and we asked if he practiced it at all and he said “I’m trying”.  Well in mind those words have created a new meaning for me. You either do or you don’t. So Leslie began to share with him about Mormonism and what we believe and bore a sweet and simple testimony of the Book of Mormon and gave our taxi driver a small copy of it. I was in awe of how simple and easy it was for her to share.  She said that when she travels she brings a copy and prays that someone in her path will come along that she knows God has prepared for her.  She’s such a beautiful example of Christlike love...

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