Do you track your life?

I never did before.

I mean, I knew in my head that I got a workout in, ate breakfast, did some work, connected with friends and family in passing, and did all the daily things I intended…or so it always seemed.

I would finish most days and just be totally spent, with no energy left and feeling like I had tackled every post-it note and task set before me.

Man was I wrong.

You see, most of us live in a routine world and operate in a space of conditioned reaction versus free will.

If asked, most of us don’t know the details of our days. We know we went to work. We know we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. We know the basics of our day but we tend to forget, or not even be aware of, the actual things we did throughout the day.

It’s this never-ending cycle of life that creates the sensation of time flying by. The only reason you feel that time is flying by is because you’re not being present and connected to your daily activities.

Trust me, I know.

And then it changed.

Now I have a system.

A daily method of tracking and measuring my life so that I am in full control and fully aware.

I know exactly what I did each day.

I know exactly how I feel each day.

I know that the core values I believe in are being met each and every day, allowing me to invest and grow and nurture my life into the creative freedom and space I desire for my family and I.

How do I actually do all of this?

With my planner that I am creating.