I’ll be in California!

I’ve had a lot of friends ask me about my new love…No, not with another person, but a heavy chunk of metal. :)

I’d love to share it with you while I’m in California.

Kettlebell training is a form of exercise that I have become so passionate about because of what it has done to my body, that I recently invested in going to an intensive program in San Diego to become a certified StrongFirst instructor so that I could train others how to use kettlebells too. It was no cake walk, but since I’ve been certified I’ve been training others around here (in Utah).

I’m excited for this new adventure in my life because kettlebells, along with TRX suspension training, has transformed my body more than anything else I’ve tried over the past 12 years. As a woman, I always thought that if I worked out with “weights” that I would get big and bulky, but the exact opposite has happened. I have become more fit and toned and feel stronger than ever, both physically and mentally.

To further my journey I’ve been working as a trainer, teaching individuals at the gym where I also work out, Lyceum, but I’ve also set up my basement and am teaching one on one classes out of my home.  I cover the basic swing and squat (both exercises trigger massive fat burning) for the first few classes and progress into other movements.

As with any exercise program where you are using weights, it’s important for your safety that you get well trained to perform the proper kettlebell movements or you risk injuring your back, shoulders or joints. Having said that, using kettlebell training correctly has strengthened my back and joints tremendously over the last several months.

As with any new skill or practice you’ll need to be fully committed or you will be wasting your time and not get the results you want. I’ve found that until I truly committed my time (a set schedule) and money (investment in myself) into my health and fitness goals, it was easy for me to stop soon after starting.

The more committed I am to sticking to it until I achieve the end result, the more it drives me to succeed (I don’t like wasting money, so I know I will stick to it long enough for the results to show if I invest in my health).

So with that said I’d like to offer you the chance to learn how to transform your body with me by choosing three 2 hour sessions of training (with three to four people per class max).

In these sessions I will break down the Core 4 exercises step by step and educate you on proper form for maximum safety and fat burning/muscle toning. Some people have asked, “why only 4 exercises and why does it take so long to learn them.” Trust me, I get my butt kicked every day of the week and love it, by mainly doing these four exercises. It takes some time to get the movements just right so that they are 1- safe but 2- creating a fat burning environment inside your body.

For the 3 sessions it will be $140 per person. This will include:
-3 Small Group Sessions (2 people max per session)
-4 Training Videos (for you to reference later, covering the Core 4 exercises)
-30 Day Training Plan

If you invite a friend who registers, you will receive half off and if you bring two, you will get to train for free.  I will be in town for YOU Training and have made time between June 9-18 and will do morning and evening sessions. It’s first come, first serve, so let me know ASAP if you are interested.

I’ll also give you some great resources to invest in your own kettlebell and help you decide the correct kettlebell size for you to use at home after our 3 sessions are over. I will also make available further resources if you would like ongoing support for additional fat burning exercises, nutrition and overcoming self sabotage (which happens to all of us).

Please go HERE to sign up for your three sessions.  The sessions will take place in San Marcos. Additional details will be emailed to you after you register.

I look forward to working with you!  Please feel free to share this post with any of your friends who may be interested.