Why am I here on this beautiful Earth? What do I have yet to see?

As as a mother I ask myself this question frequently , “Why am I hear on this earth at this moment living how I am?  What do I have yet to see?

You see I was born into a christian home where my parents taught us great values and lessons about life from a gospel perspective from a Christ centered home.   I can’t thank them enough for their determination to teach all of their 8 children the principles that govern us each day as we live here and go through our life experiences.  Not only was it their words that taught me but it was their ACTIONS and their example.  They were ready to SERVE and lead whenever asked upon and not only that but whenever they felt prompted to do so.  They are shining examples of service to me and they shared that love with each of their children.  Service runs in my blood.

I remember in my childhood serving those who couldn’t help themselves.  We had an assisted living facility in our neighborhood and we would go over and do family home evenings, we would take them out into the town, we would have them over to our home, etc.  We also had a neighbor across the street from us, Tom, who was in a wheelchair and we took him under our wing and made sure he felt loved because he lived alone.  He didn’t believe what we did but that didn’t matter he knew that we just wanted to help and serve and most times he wouldn’t accept it but we would do it anyway.  He was kind of stubborn that way.  When I was 14 years old I took over mowing his lawn for him and I gained great satisfaction from my work.  He taught me how to edge the lawn and be sure that each time I came that I would mow in the opposite direction so the grass would grow evenly.

The reason I bring up service is because I’ve always had this dream over the last 5 years to just sell everything I own and go live around the world for a YEAR!  Just pickup and just experience life and to see it through others eyes.  But you see I have stopped myself from creating this because I have 4 children now and it would require alot more organizing and planning but it CAN be done.  I’ve researched many families as well as couples who have done such a thing.  I am DETERMINED to have this life experience before my children are too set in their ways and stuck in a place where we don’t want to be.

Reeghan will be turing 11 this month and my youngest will be 3 and not yet potty trained.  I have made up my mind that the summer of 2015 is our summer to BEGIN our adventure.  We will be in between housing so it works out (Trent doesn’t know this yet but will sure find out real soon)  We have enough time to potty train, get our finances and taxes in order to go, sell everything we own but our clothing and some small necessary items, lay out a plan of action as well as prep me as a mom to school my children on the go (yikes, kind of nervous for that one)  and then to finish up my training and gather more knowledge to go out and share my passion for the mind as well as the body.

While visiting these countries I plan to find service opportunities as well as teaching families how to setup their homes for success and be more organized.  I too would like to interview these families and individuals to find out their story.  We all have a story we can learn from one another and I want to find out more.  We have varying backgrounds, cultures and traditions and I’m ready to learn more about what other families do.

I’ve just been so inspired lately to just go after it and why wait.  Time here on Earth flies by and I’d just like to have my family and I see the world.  To not take life for granted and to just enjoy those people around us.  We all have a story and we all have what it takes to make our lives brilliant, exciting and adventurous. and to create serendipity in our lives.  That is my goal and my drive to work hard this next year so that I can accomplish such a task.  I have alot to offer and I get to use my gifts and talents to bless others around the world.