Meal Prep & Kitchen Tools

I’ve been learning a thing or two about nutrition and I’ve always told myself that I couldn’t cook and I really didn’t enjoy being in the kitchen.  Well things have shifted for me and I threw out that story and I’m creating a new one.  I can cook and it is easy effortless and simple because I meal prep!

I gather all my recipes and I have a fantastic website that I use to do it called Plan to Eat.  Their link is in my sidebar on my website.  Then I decide what I would like to make for the week and then I go shopping for those items.  You guys know the drill and you do it in your homes I am sure of it.

I plan about 5-6 hours to be in the kitchen and I choose to do it on Monday’s.  I went and bought at Costco these awesome containers and I love them!

I grab out my frozen chicken breasts and cook them in a crockpot full of water on low for 8 hours.  Then I start cutting up all my fresh veggies and/or fruit and place in containers because while I am in the kitchen for so long I get hungry and these are quick snacks to munch on while I work.  I was given this veggie dip container that was bought at the dollar store (I don’t know if they are still there) from a neighbor as a gift and decided I wanted 6 more of them for all the days of the week to put my veggies in.  I have carrots, snap peas, celery and broccoli with almond butter as a dip.

I then move to my snacks.  I bought these little disposable jello cups for my almonds, cashews, cranberries, or dried fruit mix.  (If my kids were home I’d have them do this too because they can do this job)  I also make protein balls and bars to put into the freezer for easy grabbing.

Next on the list is the frozen green smoothie bags I put together.  I grab my fresh spinach and kale bags I buy at Costco and fill up a quart size freezer bag stuffed full and add a small handful of frozen fruit (strawberries, peaches, mixed berries, mangos) If your a beginner I’d add a 1/2 banana too.  I also get snack sized bags and put inside each one: 2 T chia seeds, 2T flax seeds, 1 T hemp seeds, 1tsp MSM flakes (muscle recovery supplement), and spirulina.  I place the snack sized bags within a gallon sized bag and put them in my cupboard next to my blender for easy grabbing in the morning.  The quart sized greens and fruit go into the freezer of course.

My next job is really fun for me because I get to use the spiralizer I used it for zucchini, sweet potatoes, apples so far.  They just get cut into a curly pattern for easy access to salads, fries, or just to grab from the container and eat them.  I have yet to try them on other veggies but look forward to finding more ways to use it.

My food processor is another fun kitchen tool that I use for shredding cauliflower so I can make my own pizza crust.  I also made 8 cups of Quiona for a berry breakfast cereal I eat.  All it is is quiona already made with almond milk and the Costco frozen mixed berries with a shot of vanilla stevia.

The last one pictured is the protein crepes.  Its a pint of egg whites per 1 scoop vanilla protein powder.  Thats it!  Then make into crepes and I store them in my freezer and I use this instead of bread.  So yummy by itself too.