Dan John

I’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with some great teachers and mentors in the last few months.  I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this coach, Dan John, in particular. He is by far the most knowledgable human being I’ve met so far and will probably meet who knows the inside and outside to strength and conditioning.  Each time I am in his presence I am in awe of what he’s learned and studied about the topic.  I walk away with my head spinning at times because I’ve taken in so much knowledge in just a short amount of time.

I’ve been working with him to improve my technique of the military press.  I’ve asked him about how I can compensate him for his time in working with me and he denied me.  He asked me to walk into his home.  There he showed me a glass frame with about 10 or so different metals showing me the organizations that he personally works for in helping their teams improve their strength and conditioning.  Organizations like the Navy Seals, FBI, Secret Service, Major League basebell, etc. just to name a few.  He’s been around the world teaching and coaching and he is highly respected.  He said, “These guys pay me, I’m here for you because I’m giving back to my community”  That statement just goes to show you how much he cares about me and my journey to succeed in teaching.

I was privileged to model an exercise in one of his articles recently.  I am just in awe of what he makes up and creates.

Recently he came and did a workshop for our gym and below is the slideshow he presented.  Also one of the classmates who attended wrote up a good blog post about it here.

Thanksgiving Point Workshop

I’m currently reading his book, “Intervention“, great read for those in the field as well as the average joe who exercises.  I’m in love with the 6 movements he discusses in his book.

Course Corrections for the Athlete and Trainer

You have two choices:

  •  Be lucky enough in middle school, junior high or high school to be taught basic body movements and step-by-step instructions in the Olympic lifts, powerlifting, mobility, flexibility, kettlebell training & tumbling
  • Apply Intervention

For most of us, it’s option two.

Five Principles

Here are the answers, but the questions are the real keys–

  1. Strength training for lean body mass and joint mobility work trump everything else.
  2. Fundamental human movements are… fundamental.
  3. Standards and gaps must be constantly assessed.
  4. The notion of ‘park bench’ and ‘bus bench’ workouts must be applied throughout the training lifetime.
  5. Constantly strive for mastery and grace.