March Live Big

This is my third time attending the 3 day intensive self development seminar but this time I got to be behind the scenes.

I was asked by Marci to assist her because her assistant was unable to be there. It was great to be on the other side and watch and see transformation happen in peoples lives in such a short time.

Each time I’ve come the principles taught are the same but the approach is different each time. The presenters go up and teach without script or notes. They share knowledge they’ve gained over the years and have experienced. That’s what makes it so powerful and effective when you can just be authentic and honest about life.

People come to be uplifted but they don’t realize the long term effect it can have on them if they just “surrender” and take life by the horns and just improve one day at a time. One concept at a time.

I can’t tell you just how much more I’ve had to surrender because of having someone by my side cheering me on. It’s so important to have a mentor or coach in your life to check in on your progress. It’s been an incredible experience to have someone call me out when I’m thinking I’m being a victim instead of a creator.

Life has it’s ups and downs and the way we react to certain things in or life will determine the quality of life we will have.

I have chosen to be a conscious creator and to be aware each day when I’m about to sabbatoge or change my thinking. I have been taught tools to overcome and to conquer and to shift my perception which has been a huge blessing in my life and now I’m teaching my children too.

I just feel so blessed to have this knowledge and be surrounded by amazing people in my life who lift me up. I attract amazing people in my life and I hope that through my example I can teach them a thing or two about believing in themselves and empowering them to make changes in their life to improve their quality of life.

I was able to work behind the scenes with some amazing individuals who live their lives to the fullest. We laughed, we cried, we danced, and best of all we shared.

We had great food and best of all we had some really good sushi. On Friday Marci and I stepped out and went to her TV spot and got to play on the set beforehand and just be silly. She made a video about all the silliness.