Alta Skiing

Our brave neighbors, the Dallin’s, took me and the older three on our first skiing adventure. Trent watched us along with Stratton and their baby from the lodge.

It was a beautiful clear sky day and it was perfect light jacket weather for a good first time.

Alta ski resort has a deal from 3-4:30 for a cheap ski lift ride. So we went to the bunny hill and learned our pizza and French fri’s to learn. Reeghan and I caught on pretty fast and had a blast laughing down the hill and racing back up on the rope pulley. Paetan and Easton took some time and Nate and Lisa were being very patient with us. We could have used another adult though.

We got on the lift ride right at 4:28 we were the second to last ones up the top of the hill. I took Reeghan on the lift and Nate took Easton and Beckham and Lisa had Paetan and their daughter Sienna.

We got off the lift great and started to head down the easy trail and I held Easton’s hand on the turn down. I wasn’t taught how to handle turns so we crashed. I couldn’t get up cause I was on a slant so I finally figured out that I needed to switch sides and flop my skiis to the other side and try getting up on that side and it finally worked.

I thought I could handle going down with Easton but it didn’t workout that well. Luckily the snowmobile came right behind us so they took Easton and Sienna down and Lisa stayed back with Paetan and Reeghan, Beckham and I skied down the hill together.

It was a thrill literally to just take in the fresh mountain air and see the beauty that surrounded me. I can see now how people fall in love with the mountains and skiing.

I made a video of me too and was just smiling the whole ride down. Can’t wait to go again.