Power Communication Lines

April 1972. Pres Spencer W Kimball’s message resonated with me this morning. Trent and I have not been connected as well as we should have. The last 4 weeks while I was training hard for my cert and other things I’ve neglected him and his needs. He has been a single dad and has taken over for me a lot.

Pres Kimball talked about a field he saw in Argentina where he saw poles burned, grass burned, dragging posts, all because of a match that was dropped and the field took to a blaze.

We are like the power lines if we are leaning, sagging or not functioning to our full capacity we can lose the ground and crumble.

Lack of communication. Wires and poles are down. Lots of static. Lost tempers and were angry. Misunderstandings.

I’ve had sagging lines of communication and burned wires.

Started out in a blaze of glory when we just got married. Then life happens miscommunication happens and so then the wires need to be restrung.