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My Journey

Yesterday, Trent posted a “brag post” on Facebook and Instagram about me and I was shocked at the response from it. Here is what he posted: “My amazing wife @sarahachap reached her goal! Dropped 4% body fat in 2.5 months! You’ll have to ask her about how she did it and what was the biggest change for her. You inspire me Sarah!” In response to all those that asked, “What’s your secret?” I decided to write this post to share my journey that began last June when I decided to commit to living healthy. I live West of Thanksgiving Point and a friend of mine from my neighborhood invited me to work out with her at a gym in the Brick Canvas building at Thanksgiving Point called “Lyceum”.  This gym was exactly what I was looking for.  They taught TRX suspension training and also integrated kettlebells into their program.   I had been introduced to Kettlebells back in April of 2012 when I lived in North San Diego County and was taught by Lauren Brooks Lauren also had the TRX suspension training set up as well, but I didn’t use it too much.  I worked with her to get my kettlebell technique down and once I felt comfortable I bought her “at-home” DVD program and did it from home but I wasn’t as consistent. So I was excited to find Lyceum when I moved to Utah and be taught more of how to use TRX and kettlebells together. I do have to say that my workout schedule in the past decade was inconsistent between having children, moving and just letting life get in the way. My typical cycle consisted of 3 months on and then I took 3 months off.  I don’t suggest that schedule, it leads to mediocre results!  I determined that in a new gym, in a new area, with new friends, that I could get a fresh start and be committed to sticking it out and not repeat the past 3 months on, 3 months off cycle that I didn’t like.   I began my training and went about 3 days a week to start and met new faces each time and began to feel comfortable on the TRX suspension training system.  At the end of the summer I had bumped up my schedule to 5 days a week and decided it was time to focus on the nutrition aspect of living healthy.   The owners of my gym are Jesse and Trish Allen and they are quite the dynamic duo.  They had only had the gym open for about a year by this point and had done a phenomenal job of making you want to come back and making you feel like you were worth the time to take care of your body. So in August I decided to invest in my nutrition education and scheduled a sit down with Trish for a one-on-one nutrition consultation so that my nutrition would be on track with my workout program.  My nutrition at this point consisted of 3 meals a day and maybe 3 to 4 cups of water. I knew I needed help because I had a lack of energy, felt depleted, was dehydrated and to add to it all I was not at all “regular”. I knew I had to change my diet because I had now hit my 3 month mark and I still had a desire to workout!  Yep, I had made it last the typical “stop working out” point and I wanted more.  Trish taught me some great lessons on nutrition and...

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