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February Mind Organization for Moms Session

Hello Moms! Are you overwhelmed about all the things you need to do as a mom then on top of that, all you have to do for the new year?  Well I am excited to announce again that I will do two sessions where I will teach you how to use Mind Organization for Moms.   What is Mind Organization for Moms? Click here to read more in depth about it. About 2 years ago, I teamed up with April Perry, co-founder of Power of Moms, and began to teach this information to other moms as well as plan and facilitate 2 day “Power of Mom Retreats”. This is what April Perry, creator of this wonderful program, has to say about it: Let me guess…you’re pretty stressed out sometimes.  You have hundreds of things on your mind and dozens of balls in the air and even though you feel like you’re busy every minute, you can’t seem to make a dent in your “to do” list.  Am I close?Mothers are the busiest group of multi-taskers out there, and if anyone needs their minds organized, it’s us!  We want to relax and enjoy our families, but is it possible to have a great time with our loved ones AND respond to all the pressing demands? Absolutely. Although I can’t make “the madness” stop, I CAN teach you how to get your brain in order so that you will feel completely almost on top of your life once and for all.  Sound like a plan? Based on the best-selling book Getting Things Done®,  by David Allen, I (April) have put together a simple, powerful program designed specifically for busy mothers.  I’ve included mom-friendly instructions, photos, and checklists to support you every step of the way. Here is a picture of my system that I used.  I’ve changed my system since then and have tweaked it over the last 2 years that I have been using the Mind Organization for Moms system.   What I would like to do is give you access to this wonderful system as well as explain to you, in two sessions (one as a group and the other in your home), what I’ve found works for me to simplify how I manage all my “Mom” duties and avoid all the stress and overwhelm that we often experience as moms.   Price The regular price for just the Mind Organization for Moms package is $75, NOT including any personal training on how to quickly use the system to unclutter your mind and simplify your life.   The price to attend the workshop is normally $50 in addition to the Mind Organization for Moms system. However, I worked out a deal with April so you can get the system and the workshop session for $75 total.  That’s $50 off the regular price for the system and the two session workshop.   Here’s how you can attend: 1- Go here and create a login for the PowerOfMoms website. 2- Get the Mind Organization for Moms system for $38 (you must be logged in to see this special price) 3- Email me to let me know that you’ll be joining us for this mind blowing workshop. Session 1: In the first session, we will introduce the program to you, so you can walk away with a very real plan of how to unclutter your mind and release the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed (there is one little trick that makes this happen much easier than you think!).  You will leave with the tools to collect and process all those things floating around in your mind causing stress and overwhelm. Session 2: During the second session, I will personally follow-up with you at your house on your progress, answer any questions, walk you...

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