Christmas 2013

We had a very relaxed simple and quiet Christmas. Monica and Jace were here to celebrate with us and it was great having them be here. They were great Santa helpers.

We got each of the kids google tablets for the price of one IPad mini so we figured that was the best route to go and they can each have a reader.

The sweet thing about them is that we have all the control as parents what they can do, how much time, etc which I love because apple doesn’t have that surprisingly.

The girls also got a guitar and ukelele. The boys bley blades and bionic blocks. No Legos this year they already have enough.

I got a blendtec twister jar to make my own butters im so excited! Also lots of workout clothes that i bought myself.

Trent got clothes as well and it was a very simple one for him but he didn’t mind.