The Hymnbook


In our church meetings the hymnbook:

Invites the spirit
Creates a feeling of reverence
Unifies the congregation
Provides a way to offer praise
Moves us to repentance and good works
Builds testimonies and faith
Comforts the weary and consoles the mourning
Inspires us to endure to the end

Within our families the hymnbook:

Helps us when we speak to our children
Fills our homes with the sound of worthy music
Brings a spirit of beauty and peace
It can inspire love and unity among family members
Teach children to love hymns during FHE, scripture study, work, play, travel

In our personal lives the hymnbook:

Lifts our spirit
Gives us courage and moves us to action
Fills our souls with heavenly thoughts
Helps withstand temptations
Sing a hymn if you feel tempted
Memorize them and study the scriptures that reverence them