Stand in Awe and Be Still

I got food poisoning this morning and it’s been brutal. So as I have layed around all day I’ve been listened to The Mormon Channel

At first it was music then I changed it to Susan Jones who was speaking at a 2009 BYU Woman’s conference. It wasn’t just by chance I knew I needed to hear this talk today.

In the previous post I read from President Benson and how we are to read to our children the scriptures individually. Well she mentioned this in her talk and the importance it can have on your children and she shared her sons personal story about it.

She was having a hard time with one of her children and she came across a scripture in D&C 5:24 in speaking of Martin Harris but applies today here to our children that if they don’t humble themselves before him and pray with full sincerity of heart then he won’t grant unto him his wants.

I don’t know why this simple story hit me as hard as it did but I’m not far from having teenagers and the hard things that they are going to experience in life. And if they don’t have a backbone to the scriptures and to prayer they will have a much harder time here.

I made a vow 2 nights ago to Trent that I would read to the children each night from the scriptures individually and so far I’ve done it once. Last night I didn’t do it but it needs to be done.

Besides what mother wouldn’t want that alone time with their children? I look forward to this challenge.