Relationships by Matt Townsend

Prayer fight

Strong, peaceful, confident and imperfect in gods presence

When we come down here we don’t feel those attributes here we beat ourselves up.

Don’t get caught up in the genders. Your not your job, your kids grade point average, your not their inadequcies

Your ever frustrated about your children. Look at the father.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

You are not your disorder. The body and mind and sprit are in a battle. Ony one will bring you the peace it brings to you father in heaven

We are in the covenant to save me and to give me some mechanism to always remember him.

When you have a battle to do your VT and HT where are you in your body that gives you anxiety? Mind, body, spirit.

Mosiah 3:19. Natural man is an enemy to god. It happened since the fall of adam.

Adam and Eve noticing their nakedness. Pornogrpahy Adam and body image Eve. Spirit wouldn’t focus on body. The mind noticed it. That’s when all 3 came together and that’s when the birth happened.

We sit here on Earth and we aren’t perfect. We are a covenant people. We are one of 15 million people.

Why am I here? When was the moment you felt the most alone?
Imagine in that moment in your bedroom and you cry. In the middle you feel this peace and the savior is by your side. What does he do? Sits and holds you and pulls you in. That is the spirit of god. How fast did we get there? We remembered him! Fear that he is going to leave?

Now is the time to prepare to meet god. Quit wasting your thoughts for tomorrow. Be here right now!! Song of redeeming love scripture.??

What am I worried about If I’m a daughter of god? It helps me deal with life when I’m in the spirit. Work on that first and then address the problems.

Own it! Woman thy faith hath made thee whole.

Relax! Where do you go when your in a predicament? The Lord. You go to The Lord to change you not them!

It was for nephi to kill Laban.

**What has The Lord commanded you specifically today to do in your life, family, marriage?

Ex. Pray with your family, scripture study, FHE, family dinner, spend one on one time,

Jesus looked to his god while he was in the garden. Likewise we need to look up so we can endure.

We are just to stay in it

We do it over and over again. Why do we have to keep enduring. We are here to be sons and daughters of god. We are to become gods.

**Frame our goal in life to find the spirit in our life each day.

**A sin is not just an act its an absence of spirit.

Think of a family member that’s your biggest test? Imagine it’s done it’s over and they called everyone to church all those you love and in some room you get to walk in and your Savior’s there. He calls your family up and he calls the one up to the savior and The Lord anoints them. Their face has peace. Then the person you’ve struggled with is called up. What does The Lord do to that one? What do you feel witnessing it? That is how you should approach that person.

Jesus Christ lives in the covenant.

Pres Hinckley marriage advice in the temple “There you go, now you have the covenant go use it and come again”

You need to carry the cross for each other. If she brings something to the marriage carry it with her. If he brings something carry it for him.

You are not trash you are his!

Bring that spirit to the marriage each day.
Always remember. Take a deep breathe
What’s the most important thing I can do right now?
Wait for the prompting

Write what I will feel as I see the savior touch my child?