Posts made in October 26th, 2013

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

My parents came out for the afternoon today to go with us to Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Today was the last day it was going to be open because it’s seasonal. This was my parents first visit here so it was great to show them such a magnificent place right in my backyard. I wish I would have taken better advantage of this place in the spring and summer months. I did however come here when I was having a really hard mommy day. It is such a place of serenity and peace. I can’t wait to see it all again come...

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Elizabeth Jorgenson

I have a girl who I get the privilege to lead and guide at church. It’s Elizabeth. She’s one of a kind and I adore her and the way she leads her life. She is a shining example of what a daughter of God is and she just turned 13! We celebrated with the other girls in our class and walked into her bedroom Saturday morning at 7am to find her reading her scriptures and not sleeping like typical teenagers! She is a young woman who rises at 5:30am and gets ready for the day and begins her study. She will receive a great award next week of her Young Womanhood Recognition . This award isn’t easy to do in just a year but she did it. I am so in awe of her and the things she does to serve her Heavenly Father. For example just 2 weeks ago she came to my house and dropped off letters for me all written by all 7 of the girls I work with and she headed up the idea! I realized afterward that they are all the colors of the Young Woman values. I cried like a baby as I read them because they don’t realize just how much they’ve changed me in just 9 short months working with them. I learn way more from them than they do from me. So we began our breakfast for Elizabeth’s birthday and we asked her what she was getting for a gift and she surprised us all with her answer! She said that she took the money her parents would have spent on her and gave each of her siblings a small gift because she wanted too. What 13 year old does that? Elizabeth does that’s for sure. I wasn’t as shocked but yet so Christlike and this month in Young Women’s we have been learning about Christlike Love and she sure does emulate that in her...

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Pizzareia 712

Trent and I went on a double date with Jesse and Trish Allen, the owners of the gym we go to. They raved about this place in Orem called Pizzeria 712. It was soo good. We ate 4 different kinds of pizza and my favorite was the white sauce with sun dried tomatoes which I’ve never really ate before and then a sweet potatoe appetizer with this French cream sauce. Yummy. We had great conversation over some great yummy fresh food and I snapped a picture of this awesome quote on the wall of the...

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