Winter Mudroom prep

Winter is approaching and so I made room in the cluttered mudroom for the winter gear.

I used the 4 bins down below for gloves, hats, scarves etc. I also have the girls dance shoes in their as well because dance is during the year and it’s not seasonal.

So last month I had in their bins their soccer shin guards, socks and cleats but now it’s over I put them back into their rooms.

I also created a basket within the bin for their sock storage instead of in their rooms. It’s easier to have shoes and socks next to eachother. In Stratton’s bin I have his diapers and wipes for the upstairs stored there. It works cause his bin wasn’t full ever.

Above the hanging area I put their snow pants and boots on the shelf. It looks pretty now but I’m sure come winter, which this winter is my official one here in Utah, it won’t look as nice because they will take it on and off again like 10 times a day.