Posts made in October 7th, 2013

Wheeler Farm Kindergarten Field Trip

I volunteered to go with Easton’s kindergarten class on their field trip to Wheeler Farm. I’ve never been to this place and I grew up here. I’m sure I have a lot more to see in this state more than I realize. It was great to see Easton in his element with his classmates that he’s grown to love being around each day for long periods of time. I’ve concluded that he’s the kid that everyone likes. A lot of kids were asking for him to walk with them over here or have him sit next to them, etc. He’s quite the popular kid. He loves having me all to himself too and all he wanted to do while we were together is hold my hand and just be by my side. I’m sure this day will end and he will not be like that so I need to soak in the moments when it does happen and be present with...

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October 2013 General Conference

I came across this post and she hit it spot on for me. The two things I took away from conference was that I am to be a mother and a missionary. God has entrusted me with these precious 4 little people and I am commanded to teach, lead and guide them to the temple. The last few weeks we have been doing morning devotionals before they head off to school and I know it’s made a difference even if it’s having more peace in our home. I know that if we do the small and simple acts each day to ensure their knowledge of Christ we as parents will have power to teach, lead and guide them. I just feel an overwhelming love from my Savior in my role as a daughter, wife and mother. He is by my side and I can’t do this job alone. I was able to take the girls to conference just us three. What a treat that was to sit next to them and see them write down their question of what they wanted to learn from conference. I kept reaching over to each of them to ask how they were feeling and each time they mentioned either warm or happy. One of the biggest things we need to teach right now is to help them feel the spirit and it’s in those moments where you need to help them recognize it when you feel it. I made these bags with the help of Monica who sews for the kids to use to help them listen. It worked so well. I went to Trader Joe’s and filled each bag with a food item from there. I love Trader...

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