LIVE BIG Retreat Day One

Trent and I were invited to attend a seminar called Live BIG. Trent met Gerald Rogers a few years back in a mastermind group. They met up again after we came to Utah and he mentioned his event and the date and Trent told him it was our 12th anniversary weekend. Gerald then said that this event would be a great thing for the two of us to share together.

It was 3 of the most fun, inspiring, intense and transformational days I have ever experienced.

I learned so much about myself and how to break through my limiting patterns, to stand more in my power and to create what I want in my life.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but the most exhilarating one too.

We walked into a room filled with about 70 strangers on the first day and came away on the 3rd day the best of friends. We broke down our walls and we were all real and honest with eachother.

Our first exercise was to walk around and meet as many people as we could but do it in a attitude of like we didn’t want to be there. Very awkward and very hard not to laugh or smile.

The second exercise was that we had to meet them as though we had to “make the sell” or “seal the deal”. This go round was a little harder for me to break down my comfort level and meet as many people I could in a small amount of time.

I was nervous about the last exercise in which we had to greet them as though they were our long lost friends! Are you kidding me?? I have to hug these people and jump up and down and I just met them! Really?? Oh man that was super hard for me. I don’t look for physical touch its at the bottom of my list especially to strangers. Oh man sooo hard! But I did it and after about 5 people I said “what the heck just do it” nobody will ever see me again anyway. Oh boy was I wrong in that thought now we are all planning our next party because we became such close friends!

So what does it mean to LIVE BIG?
Do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want!

We wrote down our goal for each of area of our life:
HEALTH – to eat a wholesome natural food diet and to have energy throughout the day to keep up with my kids.
RELATIONSHIPS – to speak and interact and communicate my feelings to a person and feel confident in what I say to them.
SPIRITUAL – ask for divine help each day.
FINANCIAL – live within my budget and use my cash envelope system and save so that later I can live like no one else.

One statement to sum that all up:

“Love who I am, Love who I will be and Believe, so I can do my part to give my heart!”

We all need to look at the person who we need to connect with and picture them as God sees them.

If we can’t see the greatness in ourselves how do we reciprocate to others?

The one thing that will determine who you are is your own SELF PERCEPTION. You can never outperform it.

Is there a new possibility of my self perception? YES!!!!
You just need to redefine the pets motets of the box or lose it all together. Then reprogram your mind with self talk, vision board, goals, etc.

The stuff you want are outside your comfort zone you need to press against it and forms of resistance will come and you will go back into your zone.

The more you feel good about yourself and how you feel right inside the more opposition that will come.

“The more your on that path, the more resistance will come”

We are our worst critic. Imagine that!

Your brains job is to keep you safe and when you put new ideas in it asks “are you sure this is what you want?” You just tell your brain “Thanks for sharing” and keep pushing on.

What forms of resistance are you experiencing?
– doing things I haven’t done before
– not seeing results right away
– fear of letting others down

We need to RELEASE those images that others have placed in your life and we will change those stories and bring the truth to life.

When we make a commitment and it gets broken it harder to be trusted.

We were asked as a group to obey 3 rules during the duration of the retreat
1. Be present the whole 3 days no leaving early or coming late and no cell phone usage but only on breaks.
2. No harmful substances like drinking or smoking because that can cloud our minds from being present.
3. Be on time.

We had to all stand up and agree to the group that we would follow through with our commitment. One girl was a smoker and she struggled with this one and stood in front of the whole group and promised to us that she would hold to her word and SHE DID! Five days later she still continues to breathe fresh air. So proud of her!

When we honor small commitments it makes deposits into our trust account. How do we build that trust account?
My word is worth gold and it will get done.

“The moment one fully commits to oneself then providence moves too”

What does fully 100% committed mean to me? Focus that energy on that one thing.
– using a budget and be consistent for one month
– to reading for 15 minutes a day
– saying “No”. Sometimes it’s the best way you can serve them is by saying it


This picture shows my results or fruit on the tree. What area can I create more fruit? How did I create this? Our outer world creates are inner. Our outer world is a reflection of the inner.

The trunk represents the actions and habits and this is the bridge between the outer and inner world. The roots are the beliefs that we need to accomplish hard things and are the start of what we need to create good fruit.

Will power will never be enough to create long term change. Self image will always win.

4 questions to ask about the fruit:
1. What fruit don’t I like?
2. What have I been doing to create this result?
3. What am I doing or not doing on a daily basis?
4. What would I have to believe to take action?

Through our body we store experiences positive and negative. We forget those experiences and when we are on auto pilot and when we have bad experiences our body freezes up.

When we are present in our bodies we can control our situations. So instead of act we should create our experience.

Our bodies are like cars and a GPS they take us where we need to go and when we break down its like breaking down our body. When we are not connected to our body you’ll be depressed.

I only have one body so I need to take good care of it and listen to it and say nice things to my body.

I can hear my body it’s telling me messages. I use my body for good.

2 things I can do to make my body present
1. Deep breathing – detoxify bring you back to the present
2. Find something to physically concentrate on – she gave us each a pineapple and had use really enjoy eating it.

When we have stress our body is not in its present state in the body.

What experience have I had that sparks a memory when I’m touched?
What is your victim story?
1. Something happened
2. We make it mean something


Our emotional compass
What was success, what was failure as done by our parents:

Were we as a child pleasing our parents or disappointing them in these areas above?

We all have different stories we makeup. Our body language will tell our story.

So how do we change our story? We need new emotional experiences and repetition and then repeat it for 90 days.

Our stories show up in our fears.
6 fears:
Spiritual – not getting to the end and letting go of the rod.
Self- not being good enough
Wealth- being too rich
Others – rejection
Health – death, pain, suffering
Contribution – forgotten, won’t matter

None of these fears above are true we make them up. Embrace who you are and practice it.

At the end of the night we did a personality test that Gerald created and their are 4 areas of personality
1. Oracle – leader, driven, this is Trent
2. Warriors
3. Visionary
4. Healer – this is me.


To end the night we created our “I AM”
Statement. We picked 3 words to describe ourself and OWN it when you say it.

“I am an organized, compassionate and caring woman!”

We said it over and over again 50 times or more and we were laying on the floor with our eyes closed. Then we were guided to the middle of the room and connected with the others by putting our hands on eachothers shoulders. Then we stopped. It was a near way to end the first day all connected all in this together and we are who we said we were!