Lifestyle Modification Strategies

I meet Trish my nutrition coach this week and she gave me a copy of their vision of Lyceum and how it’s a lifestyle change that they try to get their clients to grasp. Here is their tips and strategies to making a more healthy lifestyle:

Set Realistic goals

*Set both weight loss and lifestyle modification/behavior change goals
*Create goals that are specific, measure able, attainable, realistic and time sensitive
*Place an emphasis on behavior rather than weight
*Set daily goals such as adherence to your exercise and nutrition plans

Modify Environmental Cues

*Environmental cues encourage excess calorie intake and low levels of physical activity
*Become aware of environment cues that trigger food intake and physical activity
*Focus on modifying cues over which you have control. For example you may need to:
Clean up your immediate environments at home and work.
Give away or stop purchasing high calorie , low nutrition foods.
Keep food out of view.

Increase Self-efficacy

*Success breeds success. Set reasonable goals that can be achieved on a daily basis
*Find a role model and remind yourself “If they can do it, so can I”
*Identify a support or accountability partner to work with
*Celebrate success daily

Manage Stress and Negative Moods

*Brainstorm and identify different things or activities that make you feel better (good music, books, friends, etc)
*Recognize that regular physical activity can reduce feelings of depression, stress and anxiety, and improve mood and energy levels. Identify enjoyable physical activities and tune into the positive effects of exercise.
*Identify various relaxation techniques

Setup a System for Self-monitoring and Problem-Solving

*Record the behaviors that you are trying to change, specifically food intake and physical activity
*Observe thoughts and feelings, both helpful and unhelpful, that precede eating and exercise behaviors
*Self-monitoring will:
Increase your self-awareness and provide a “mirror” of your behavior.
Give you information to provide to us on a weekly basis.
Let you measure success and challenges and give you information necessary to brainstorm ways to eliminate negative behavior.
Serve as a form of positive reinforcement.

Restructure Your Thinking

*Develop a mindful awareness of automatic thoughts, or self-talk, and consciously change counterproductive thoughts
*Learn to replace negative thoughts with more positive and realistic ones
*Learn to observe your own thinking, not accept immediate thoughts as “reality” and restructure thoughts in ways that are believable as well as positive