Posts made in May, 2013

Blessings of the Temple

Take watch off cause Time stops What sacrifice am I giving?? Blessings of going to the temple 109:15. Be prepared to obtain every needful thing 109:22 Angels have charge over them 25-26. Satan No power over us 32-33. Helps you bear affliction better 36-37. Speak in tongues and see visions. Revelation 54-58 pray for our worldly leaders and softening people hearts to receive the gospel 72-74 take and prepare others for the final stages of this world

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Anchoring our Children to Heaven

From 2013 Women’s Conference. Allie’s notes she took at this class: Anchoring our children to heaven Ether 12:4 Build a foundation: Start Early Independence Chores, choices, consequences Spiritual foundation Daily actions- patterns and traditions Adjust responsibilities as mature Principle of Work: Obedience, respect, reverence, service Work is a gift, work is a blessing, love of work is success. – David O’McKay. Be happy when work A reservoir of goodwill -make special time (15-20mins) with each child a day. -pay attention to positives -gain trust – no commands, instructions, or probing -finish with expressing how much you enjoyed being with them. —-This teaches-Not all interactions are about misbehaving or correction Connection, monitoring, autonomy Make time for time. Spend positive time with kids. We need to make that happen. Be intentional. On raising children, “It’s not something you do if you can squeeze time in, it is what God gave you time for.” Neil Andersen Rose blooming story/lesson If we have faith and are connected with the sane anchor with our children, we don’t need to hover. Coach your child thru problems, don’t try to solve them for them. Have faith that God is there. Our children wee his before they were ours. Let them choose: Learn principles together, invite them to act, observe, follow up Let then have experiences, sometimes they will fail. They will learn and then we can rejoice in the lesson learned. The blessing of consequences. Allow children to experience natural and logical consequences. They learn accountability and responsibility for their choices. Notice, focus on, and reward the positive. Much better than punishing bad behavior Emphasize their strengths Tell them your proud of them Help them recognize their God given talents. Dinner bug- fake meal time. Practice meal behavior. “Thank you very much” before they ever have a chance to misbehave. Every 20seconds, then more time in between praise. We miss opportunities to praise them with what they are doing well. No dumb questions: the Book of Mormon came because a boy asked a question. James 1:5 Teach children to get on knees and ask Heavenly Father. The power of the Book of Mormon in our homes. Marion G Romney, ensign may...

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