Posts made in April 5th, 2013

My Holy Places

Have I created a holy place for myself? This is the question that ran through my mind as I listened to talk from Sister Dibb at the general young women meeting. The more I thought about it later I not only thought of myself but my family. Are my children feeling the spirit in my home? Are they creating a safe holy place for them to enjoy like I have? As I thought of my own I have also thought of the tender mercies that too that have allowed me to have unusual experiences in the most unforseen times of my life. I look back and think that’s incredible that that just happened in the place it did and in the time it happened. That place became holy in that instant. I also enjoyed how she describes the Liberty jail and how we all suffer at times in our lives and feel utterly alone and have to endure our own struggles but we too can receive revelation in the worst of times. That’s when we need to turn to him the most. I’ve thrown my hands up many times and finally would break down to my knees by my bedside and my closet. Those places have become holy. I remember times as a youth in the summer going to camp and how I enjoyed my time there. I loved being in nature and being in a holy place with the other girls and feeling loved as well as the...

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