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1 Nephi 11

As Nephi was asking to see what his father saw through prayer he had incredible faith that it would be provided for him to see. As an angel of The Lord appeared and showed him those things I noticed that the events in Christ’s life were presented but noticed also that one important one was left out. He looked in verse 31 which showed Christ going forth among the children of men who were sick and healed them. Then verse 32tells us that he was taken by the people and judged of the world and verse 33 lifted upon the cross. I wonder why the moment in the Garden of Gethsemane was not shown to Nephi? Was it too sacred of an experience? I’ve learned just how sacred that holy spot was and know that it was a time where he felt utterly alone. Nephi at times went to his holy places alone just as Christ did but I’m just curious why Nephi couldn’t see that part of his life. Too be...

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