“No Yelling” challenge


This is a screenshot of the background of my phone.  This is a place that I see alot during various times of the day.  The reason for this reminder is that I am taking on a challenge for myself.  I was introduced to the challenge by a friend of mine I’ve known since HS and once I saw it I knew it was meant to be.

I’ve struggled with this and wondered why I get so short tempered with my children.  I know some of you may be shocked by the fact that I struggle with this but who yells at their children in public?  This is very important to me as a mother so this is why I am putting this out on the line.   I need the constant reminders throughout the day.  So I put up Orange Rhino’s throughout various spots in my home.


Office desk


In between the children’s bedrooms


Coming in from the garage into the living area



I sat down and told the children last night what my challenge was and that they will have to help me conquer this weakness of mine.  I’ve been know doing it for 3 days and I can see a little difference however this morning the kids were yelling back and forth at each other so maybe they should take the challenge as well.

I wrote this back to my friend who introduced it to me because since she’s been writing about her experience with it too here towards the end of her post.

“I’ve been serious about joining with you in the challenge and its been great so far!  Granted only 3 days.  My kids look at me funny when they know we are in a situation where I’ve been in the past ready to yell due to their lack of obedience but I don’t!  I have remained calm.  It’s quite comical actually to see them wonder why I am acting in the way that I am.”

I excited to use some of these techniques or alternatives to not yelling and see then what my children’s reactions will be.

Who’s wants to join in on the fun?  I need to be accountable to someone else other than my husband.