Polaroid Wall

Susan first did this idea and I stole it to do it for my own family and she suggested Trent and I do it too. It turned out so great I love it.

When I went to Home Depot to get the wood I ended up with the white piece of MDF and I was planning to spray paint it black. But I got to looking at it closer and fell in love with the white background so I just left it alone.


I had them cut into 1.5x3ft pieces and printed my B/W photos off at Costco in the 8×8 size. Then I just taped them on. Simple but very cool to show off each members personality.


Finally to hang I bought the Command damage free hanging tabs. I put 4 tabs on each corner of the backside of the MDF. We had to use the broom to press the tops because we couldn’t reach.