Accountability chart

I’ve done a few job accountability systems like Accountable Kids, and found that it just had too many options and too much to keep track of. Plus being on technology with myjobchart was a little too much and I made a very long list of jobs for my kids. I do however like that we can distribute funds into the three categories we’ve already set for our kids before starting this program.

But I had to go back to simplicity and with being in a new place I felt it was a great time for a new start. I then found a great idea to implement what I’ve in visioned for my simple plan.

check it out

We’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and for my 4yr old Easton he’s caught onto it more than the other job chart so that makes it all worth the simplicity.

We have the kids memorize a scripture instead of a poem if they miss a mark and so far Reeghan has memorized 2 scriptures. Paetan has been 100% so far and Easton well he’s getting the hang of it but I think we will continue to see how he does and then adjust for him because he is still young. The children report to us each Sunday and then we prepare for another week.

This is my spin on the idea