Utah Christmas 2012

Christmas morning we got word about Kyle & Amy’s baby.  It had not made any movements in the last 24hrs and Amy was concerned so they headed to the hospital to find out that the baby had no heartbeat.  The news made us all look at our lives and continue to be grateful amidst our trials.  The two of them handled it so gracefully and their examples shown to me in that trial made me want to try each day to become a little better.  Their words on the families facebook page as we pulled away onto the road to CA was touching.

We told the kids and we immediately said a prayer for their family to find peace and comfort.



On our drive up to Utah we got a note from Reeghan.  I am so blessed to have her as my first born and to be the leading example for the other 3 children.  She really exemplifies what it is to have faith and a knowledge that things will be ok if we continue to do our part and be righteous so we can see our loved ones again.


All dressed up for the snow