Anniversary in Arizona


I bought a deal for a night stay and 4 tickets to a waterpark at the Arizona Grand Resort in Pheonix.

It had to be used before October and it had to fall on a Friday night and the only available night to work was our actual 11th year anniversary.

We decided to take just the girls with us since we just did a trip last week alone and so we headed out and stayed with our great friends we met in Carlsbad, Buddy and Sara Haws, the first night. We stopped for dinner at Joes Farm Grill because of the reviews on Yelp and boy it did not disappoint! Yummy food and great atmosphere and outdoor seating.


The next day we went and took a look at the new Gilbert LDS temple in which Buddy is supervising for his work. Gilbert is a beautiful city and this temple will surely add to it.


After viewing the temple we went down the street to the SanTan mall and there we meet up with Stephany and Carter. My SIL Erynne placed her baby for adoption last November to this wonderful family and we got to see Carter! Boy he is something to look at and will be a very gorgeous boy. His eyelashes and color are amazing!



That evening we got to the resort and settled in and took the girls to experience their first Thai food! Reeghan ate shrimp and loved it however Paetan was quite comfortable with her fried rice.


I don’t enjoy going to the movie theaters at all but I have in this trip. The girls have been talking about “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” for quite some time. The movie ended up being my favorite movie and I can’t wait to buy it because of its message and that’s it’s a very clean show. I balled the last 15 minutes of it. Very touching and made me appreciate motherhood and realized that I take it too lightly.

Saturday morning we meet up with Trent’s buddies Brian and Kevin at their Crossfit gym. They are hardcores and I’ve noticed that about most people I find who do Crossfit. It’s all they talk about and it’s like a family to them. It’s kind of serious business but what they produce is amazing with what I witnessed that morning.

I wonder if San Marcos has a great one? Trent’s wanting to start it and I think it will be good for him. I’m not sure if I quite ready but we shall see I do enjoy changing up my workout routines.


The waterpark ended up being not at all what I expected however with it being a resort waterpark and not for the public I guess it was fine. They had 3 slides with a height restriction of 45″ that Paetan passed up thank goodness. I guess it was good that we didn’t take Easton and Stratton. They wouldn’t have enjoyed it except for the lazy river and wave pool.

Trent and I practically stayed in the lazy river the whole 3 hours we were there.

That night we traveled down to Tucson to see Trent’s cousins and we stayed with Mitch & Mandy which they have girls so my kids had a blast with them. The dads took them to play soccer while Mandy and I went to the RS broadcast.

When we returned we played Compatability a couples game in which you find out just how comparable you are. It was so fun and an old school game.

Sunday morning we went to Aunt Teresa’s and Emily’s ward to witness Emily’s new baby be blessed. She’s it 2 boys a girl and then she was certain this next one was a girl and didn’t find out until delivery and found it was a boy so they were quite surprised. They named him Zane.

After their meeting Mitch & Mandy’s kids had their primary program so my girls wanted to go watch that so we went. We happened to sit behind the Primary choristers family and as the program began she of course was very busy and her husband already had to take on a busy 2 year old and a 5 month old and I could tell he was struggling so I asked if I could take the baby for the program.

It was a very simple act of service but they expressed to me afterward how much that simple thing meant to them. I was reminded of what I had learned the previous night in the RS meeting. To just step up and serve. If the spirit speaks listen!

Arizona was a great trip and hopefully it won’t be another 4 years before we return again.