The Mormon Faith & Politics

I’ve had alot of time to myself the last two days to think about life and my spirituality.  This is a time of great uncertainty for alot of people and alot of confussion.  Its a hot election year with Mitt Romney running for President and we have seen numerous posts, videos and articles about him and our faith.

I’ve personally met Mitt Romney and he is a geniune and decent faithful man.  I believe in him and what he can do to change things around and bring hope and change to America.  Recently went to 7-11 to get hot chocolate and found this:

One is full of substance and the other is full of EMPTY promises. That’s my one and only political statement.

I loved watching Glenn Beck’s segment on him and actually telling the behind the scenes personal stories of his life and his character.  That is what the gospel teaches to love to serve and to bless those around us and Mitt will do just that.

Our Mormon faith is getting attacked at every angle and Elder Holland said it best here.  I want to be able to stand before others and defend the Book of Mormon like Brandon Flowers did here.  I love how he isn’t afraid to talk about what he believes, but rather, visibly is ready to defend it!  It’s individual and I need to stand and declare my testimony more and hold to that rod tenaciously.

The Book of Mormon is true!  It gives me hope.