Utah Camping Trip

First on the agenda visit G&G Peterson.  Grandparents are the best because they love unconditionally and just love your presence.  You don’t have to say anything just sit by their side and just “be there”

Day’s of 47 parade in SLC.  We stayed the night at Leah’s house and then went with her and her kids to the parade.  The children got to see Pres. Eyring.  Afterward we went up to Ryan’s office to check out his sweet green couch.  We always have a great visit with the Millers.

Love Utah summer skies

Setting up camp, Trent finding worms for fishing, playing in the creek, and the view from the top of Manti National Forest

This is my families annual camping trip we do each July.  Each of the siblings will have an opportunity to plan where the camp site will be.  I already told my family when its my turn which will be in the year 2016 we are BEACH camping and they are all coming to CA!

We really enjoyed the area where we stayed.  We were the only ones in the area which was nice because of all the children we had.  ATV trails were alot of fun as well and Dave came up with his awesome 70’s bus/trailer thing.  It’s surprising that it made it up the mountain.  We had no cell phone reception which was heavenly.  We were checked out!

My kids miss hanging out with the Peterson cousins and really enjoy their time together.  Walking to and from the creek, playing and throwing rocks, going fishing in the lake, numerous ATV rides!

We did have a bear alert too to add to the fun!

On our drive out of town the beautiful temple of Manti.