Jazzercise and JazzerCamp

Errin and Shauna are my dear friends from Carlsbad and when I lived over there they talked about Jazzercise all the time but I had already had my exercise regime at home in place and didn’t want to change.  Then I moved out to San Marcos and then Errin talked me into coming over to “try” it out and I instantly fell in love with it.

Problem was is that the energy in the Oceanside studio was amazing but the commitment to drive there everyday was taking a toll on me so I only lasted 2 months but it was a fun ride and now I am back to my own home workouts.  Maybe another time.

However during that short time I noticed they were doing a JazzerCamp for kids and I knew the girls would love to participate in something like that.  They met some fun friends and did a little performance at the end of it.