streamlined digital list & podcast

For those of you who are registered with the Power of Moms Mind Organization Program today you received an email from April Perry (creator of Mind Organization for Moms) and you saw my name.  I was thrilled that April asked me to do a podcast with her and talk about what I do with the system and how it works for me digitally.

I am such a digital person and have gone away with no paper lists.  I have learned alot from this program and I am still learning how to tweek it to my liking even after a year and a half of faithfully doing it.  I love teaching others how to incorporate it into their lives as mothers because it will change you.

Here is the podcast that I did with her.

ToDo App for Mind Organization for Moms Part 1 is my ToDo app video tutorial that shows you how to integrate Mind Organization for Moms on your IPhone.  I have other videos on my YouTube channel as well that will continue on what I have done.

April wrote a post about it here.