st george parade of homes 2012

My birthday tradition each year is to walk through homes in St George, Utah over President’s Day weekend.  The last 2 years haven’t been that incredible but I did find a home interior this year that was pleasing to my eye.

Meet Reclaimed Modern!  The use of the accessories in this home was incredible and I loved each piece.  I didn’t care to much for the bedding choices but overall this interior was by far the best of the show in my opinion.

The interior design company wrote up some details about the home.  I’m sure a few years from now you may see a few of these ideas in my home.

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I figured out why I love to design and organize.  It came from going to these kinds of activities 6 years ago and also because I had to because we were building a home and it forced me to get out of my comfort zone and experiment alot more and not play it so safe.