My 31st

My birthday fell on a Sunday which I secretly love! I get to see more people that day because I am at church.  I love being around people I love and adore and these 4 munchkins make me who I am and teach me everyday that life can be fun and that I should take time to PLAY.  I have been so blessed to do and have the things that are around me.

In my short 31 years of life I can say with confidence that I know who I am and where I want to be.  Nothing is going to stop me from holding on tight and finishing my race and with these special people by my side I hope that I can encourage them along their race as well.

Being a mom is hard work but I wouldn’t change it for anything else.  So now that I have made it officially over 30 I don’t really feel any different so we shall see what this next year brings for me.