LA retreat recap

I can’t believe its already come and gone. We received word from April and Saren that they’d like us to help them do another retreat here in Southern California back in November and now we just finished it up. Boy does time fly by.

It was such a great experience once again to work with them and to be among great moms. I enjoyed my time getting to know many of them through email correspondence but even better putting their faces to names on my google spreadsheet.

I took Stratton up with me and he was a doll! Just sat in his little red seat most of the time and just smiled at all the ladies. You wouldn’t have even known he was there except for one time where he wanted to make sure everyone around him noticed him with his shriek of a laugh.

Susan, Amy and I drove up together and just enjoyed ourselves chatting the 2 hour drive up and getting anxious to be among moms. Some who truly enjoy what they do and some who just wanted to be sure this was the thing they were meant to do. I was touched by some who have been through many trials and had to overcome on top of being a mother to a handful of children.

Our discussion groups were great and very intimate because of a smaller group size so you got to see and hear from others who would less otherwise participate in the big group setting.

The sad part about the whole weekend for me personally is that I only wrote down about 20 sentences of notes! Can you believe that? I am very ashamed but then again I was here and there and making sure everyone else was happy. Besides the topics were discussed at our previous retreat but I did take away alot of new ideas that I hope to implement.

I got the privilege to team up with April to help her teach Mind Organization to them. Boy that was so much fun! I am so in love with this and want to spread it like wildfire. I got to share with them how I personally do the system because I have more of the technology twist to it compared to April who is more pen and paper kind of gal.

I feel so blessed to have come into this great organization when I did and to be apart of such great women who want to make a difference and I hope that I will continue to pursue this course and to help other mothers realize their potential and the great sacrifices they make each day to help their children. I am truly blessed!

To read more about the retreat go read April’s or Saren’s. Also our photographer for the event Emily Barton also posted some pictures up.

Who’s ready for a San Diego Retreat? Already have a few guest speakers lined up so come fall time it could be happening.

Susan presenting on Love Languages

The people in charge. Susan, Me, Allyson, April, Lisa (hostess), Amy (SIL), and Saren

Half of the group because we didn’t get on the group shot till an hour after it was over! Sorry for those of you who weren’t able to be in the picture.

Last but not least my baby boy Stratton was a gem he was incredible!