Updated Mind Organization for Moms

I’ve been in my new home now for 6 months and at my last house my system looked like this. I have updated my system since Sept 2010 and this is how it looks today. I have made it work for me! I got rid of alot of paper with my system and have strictly used the “ToDo” application on my IPhone. If you’d like to read more about it read about it here.

I have my phone with me at all times and I don’t mind typing in everything instead of using a pen and paper. However in my weekly review I do write stuff down on paper still but not pressing items.

My command central looks mostly still the same like my last post. I didn’t change that area much besides the little boards to the left and right of my monitor. The left board is my menu planning board which says, Week of: and lists the days of the week. The right board is actually just a blank board but I put on it my Salad Making 101 list so that I always have it seen so that I will actually make them!

I also have a “I’m Bored” jar that I saw on Pinterest for my children when they need an activity to do. The calendars are pretty self explanatory and I purchased my whole wall system at Target. Great prices. The middle corkboard just has a picture of Christ and a woman to help me rememeber that I can’t do it alone and it also has my scripture study schedule for the year. The middle rectangle is my Routines and Responsibilities board. Here is the up close picture

Then the board to the left of the Routines and Responsibilities is just a “fun” board to put whatever I want. I just have a family picture there and it also has 3 spots for keys that I can hang. To the right is the 4 cubby system and I use this for my bills and my papers that I need to file.

To the left of my monitor I have my inbox area. The top one is the inbox and the bottom one is my Projects Support Material section. I only use file folders for my support materials rather than a big cubby system like April does cause she’s got alot more projects than I do. Here is the up close picture of my file folders.

Finally the last thing to the left of the inbox area is my Weekly Review and Tickler expandable file carrier. I bought them at the Container Store a few years ago and went back to find more of them but they don’t sell them anymore.

That’s it in a nut shell. I will post a video shortly going through it step by step.