Girl’s Dresser

I’ve had the itch to update the girls bedroom so I decided to start with their dresser. Which is more like a cubby system with baskets but you get the idea. I am also rearranging the boys room as well so I decided to take the white system that was in the boys room and take it to the girls room.

The girls room is so dark and with the paint colors it make it look darker so I decided to try to lighten up their room by adding in more white furniture because their beds are dark brown. Then I noticed that I needed to exchange their bedding to for a lighter version. So I am in the process of that project now too.

But this dresser is a fresh start to a bedroom facelift for my girls. I may go a little pre-teen look so that it can last a few years. I made that brown, yellow, pink striped bedding about 4 years ago so its due.