Gift Letter from Trent

Sarah is so very gifted when it comes to seeing the best in others. She is slow to judge and quick to forgive (yes, unfortunately I experience this often). She is also a very patient mother, much more patient than I could be and in spite of the occasional slip up, her kids know she truly does love and cares for them. I have never had to be concerned about their wellbeing as I know Sarah is an exceptional nurturer and knows how to make them feel loved and protected.

Sarah has a very solid testimony of the gospel and the Savior and has never had any doubt or ever wavered in her resolve to have an eternal family. She is truly the Christ-like example in our home and her pure kindness is a reflection of that.

I don’t know anyone who is as organized as Sarah. She has a gift for making things fit together in a home.

A few other things that I have learned about Sarah over the last 10 years is that she is willing to sacrifice her needs and wants to help and serve others, even those whom she barely knows. She lives her life in a way that our children will never doubt that Sarah does sincerely care about God’s children and will serve them whenever the chance arises, in spite of her own desires, needs and wants.

I have been so blessed to have such a positive and supportive wife who has never questioned my ability to provide for the family and has supported me even in the worst of times. Not once have I heard a bitter or unkind word, even when I made horrible decisions that caused financial suffering and stress for our family. I couldn’t ask for a more faithful and supportive wife and friend.

Sorry Susan, but Sarah really is the best. : )